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STRIVE GYM’s characteristic


Dear customers.
mainly, you can do workout through physical exercise,
We don’t accept and grow any professional player.
Welcome females and no experience people 
We help your KICKBOXING&physical exercise,
to lose weight, and to get fitness.


Reasons STRIVE GYM is chosen

1, Welcome beginners and females.


STRIVE GYM provides 
NOT painful, NOT scared ,NOT strict,
kickboxing & workout.
Instructors are always at gym,
and helps you anytime.
That’s why you can do workout
in a peaceful atmosphere at this gym,
even though you are beginner.
We want customers who are interested in 
diet, physical exercise, and kickboxing, but
feel awkward going to gym to join STRIVE GYM.


2,Can workout free and good location.


STRIVE GYM is located at Kasai, Edogawa ward, Tokyo.
You can get STRIVE GYM takes 3 minutes on foot
from Metro Museum District Gate,  Kasai station,
 Tozai line, Tokyo metro.
Most of opening hour are free & pad work time.
You can workout 30 minutes or 2 hours depends on
your schedule and physical strength. 
Instructors are always at gym,and helps you anytime. 
** ONLY FEMALE TIMES are on WED 19 to 20 o’clock and THU 10 to 11:30.
    We refuse all males to use Strive gym above times.  
    Kid’s classes are on MON 16:30 to 17:30 and THU 17 to 18.
    You can use Strive gym, but instructors can’t help you while Kid’s class.


3, The cheapest price

業界最安値 選べるコースは3,980円~7,000円


Even all you can join membership is ¥7,000- per month.
Moreover, You have other memberships depends by
your life style and hours you want to do workout.  
You can choose membership from ¥3,980- to ¥7,000-.
*All prices are not including tax. 

Course information

Course Monthly fee Available time
Basic course ¥7,700- Weekday 10-13 15-22
Saturday 10-20
Sunday 10-17
Morning ¥5,478- weekday 10-13
Evening ¥4,378- weekday 15-17

Kid’s class

Once in a week


Monday 16:30-17:30 

for 3years old to 8years old.

Thursday 17-18

for 9years old to 12years old. 

something you need when you join.
Addmission fee ¥5,500-, Cash card

present promotion



  1. Initiation fee ¥16,500- is free.
  2.  Give boxing gloves to you.
  3. Free for first month, if you paid monthly memberships for an year at once.

*You can use this promotion a day when you take a trial or viewing.

In the case of you use promotion 3, 

We do not refund even though you quit within an year.

Your monthly membership will start automatically after an year.



Trial & Admission




We don’t accept the trial by group. 

Trial fee is free when you join on the day you take the trial.

Something you need when you join.

Admission fee ¥5,500-, bank card, ID
* All prices are discounted price and not including tax. 

Strive Gym練習風景


Contact US

If you want to take a trial lesson,
Send e-mail or call us the date, time, name, party, phone number, and e-mail address.

TEL 03-6875-2003




  • Exercise bike ×4
  • Bench press
  • Heavy bag ×4
  • Chaging room
  • Two Shower room separates Woman and Man.





Weekday 10:00~13:00 15:00~22:00
Saturday 10:00~20:00
Sunday 10:00~17:00
Closed on Tuesday, public holiday,
the last day in a month, and others.

You can work out when we open.
An instructor is always at gym, so you can practice Kickboxing, even though you are beginner of Kickboxing.


Gym’s information

Strive Gym


Owner Akihiro Nakamura
Address 1F, 6-7-9 Yoshida Bld., Higashikasai, Edogawa Ku, Tokyo, Japan  〒134-0084
TEL 03-6875-2003
Business Hours

Weekday 10:00~13:00 15:00~22:00
Saturday 10:00~20:00
Sunday 10:00~17:00

Closed on Tuesday, public holiday,
the last day in a month, and others.
Access Take 3minutes on foot from Metro Museum District Gate,Kasai station, Tozai line,
Tokyo metro.