Emergency of corona virus










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Japan and Tokyo government declared

emergency of corona virus a few day ago.

We follow the decision and will make some rules from April 10th Friday.

1, Stop all group lessons because we avoid to crowd at gym.

2, You have to make a reservation before you come. And, you can reserve only an hour in a day. Maximum 3 members can join at same time. Family and couple who live same house count as a member.   

If someone gets corona virus use gym,

We tell it to you, immediately.

You have to go to hospital for examination or stay at home for not to speared the virus.

You can reserve your workout time by e-mail

strivegym.kasai@gmail.com or directly at gym.

Cannot accept reservation by call.

Basic membership can reserve until in a month.

Other memberships can reserve until in 2 weeks.

**we do clean and sanitize before open, and ventilate and spray hypozinc acid water by ultrasonic humidifier while gym opens. However, nobody knows the best solution of corona virus.

If you worry the virus, we recommend not to use.

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