A small gym in Kasai sends a message!

How are you guys?











Nowadays, I feel summer because of becoming warm. I recommend you go for walk sometimes. If you stay at home always, it’s not good for your health.

I started online lesson through ZOOM,

and your diet support by e-mail or any SNS messages.

Corona virus is absolutely scared, but you must not lose your health.

Do you stay and eat at home without exercise?

You have to keep diet and workout even though you can’t come to gym.

To keep for long is the most important to get fitness and diet.

A small gym in Kasai sends some informations for your health.

Must not lose corona virus!

**we do clean and sanitize before open, and ventilate and spray hypozinc acid water by ultrasonic humidifier while gym opens. However, nobody knows the best solution of corona virus.

If you worry the virus, we recommend not to use.

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