The effect of kickboxing!


If you are interested in to lose weight, to burn fat, and to do exercise,

Kickboxing is the best sports for you.


Kickboxing can spend many calories.

I compare some sports how many calories can burn a workout for 45 minutes.

Running (160m/min) 294 kcal, Yoga 66kcal,Kickboxing 394 kcal.

*Woman 30 years old,160cm, 51kg. 

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By the way, 394 kcal is higher calories than 200g of white rice.

Body fat 1kg has 7200kcal. You have to think how you burn the 7200kcal when you try diet.

You want to lose weight without cutting calories. You have to burn calories from exercise.

If you do kickboxing for an hour twice in a week, you can lose 1kg of body fat in a month and half.

You try to cutting calories or do kickboxing more, you can lose body fat faster on the calculation.


Basically, you burn calories more than calories you eat on diet.

That’s why you should choose exercise can burn many calories.

And, you need enough nutrition, exercise and rest.


You can divide exercise 2 types.

One is aerobic exercise uses energy from breathing.

Aerobic exercise has an effect can burn fat.

The other one is anaerobic exercise uses energy from carbohydrate in body.

Anaerobic exercise has effects can gain muscle and secrete adrenaline, growth hormone.

Adrenaline and growth hormone have effect to burn fat.

Diet beginners should try those 2 types of exercise because both exercises have reasons

good for diet effective.


Kickboxing workout is automatically including those 2 types of exercise.

You don’t have enough time for workout. We recommend kickboxing for you.

You can do those 2 types of exercise at once. You save time.


Where do you worry on body parts? Belly, arm, or leg?

Kickboxing has to use all of body, so you can firm up where you worry.


In the past, most of people start kickboxing want to be a fighter, but

most of people start kickboxing for fitness and diet.


It doesn’t matter your skill and experience.

If you want to get fitness and lose weight,

Let’s start kickboxing!

Strive gym is looking forward to seeing you.





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